Driver’s Education

Here at Get Your Florida Permit, We Are Reinventing Drivers Education!

For Drivers Education, Florida school systems cannot provide the driver training on today’s busy and hostile roadways. It is our mission in drivers education to teach the necessary training for teens and young adults to survive.

Get your florida permit with lowest priceWith Drivers Education unfortunately, many school districts have given up all together. The extremely high cost of insurance and equipment while the incredibly difficult task of finding qualified driving instructors for the school systems makes it even more difficult.

School system driver educations programs are still stuck in the 1900’s. Our roadway systems, traffic patterns and drivers have changed. Traffic is more dense still and has become even more hostile and unsafe for students to ‘learn-to-drive’.

Our MISSION is to reinventing the driving education programs in Florida and bring them up-to-date into the vast 21st century! We will provide real-life driver training in a modern environment that is cost-effective for parents and students while using our proprietary defensive and predictive combination of driver training from our private training programs.

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To further your knowledge on the “Rules of the Road”, download the Official Florida Driver’s License Handbook